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We hope and pray that the Lord will speak to your heart, guide you and help you instigate the definite purpose for your being.
We humans are guilty of sinning. Sin results in death, which leads to eternal hell.
The Lord Jesus became human and died in this world as a sacrifice for our sins. He rose back to life as He had power over death and defeated the devil by paying the penalty for our sins. 
When we believe that Christ died for us, and accept that we can have a personal relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ, we become born again. Being born again is when our sins are removed from our past and forgotten by God. We are made as a sinless human at this time and the Holy spirit of God helps us in our new journey of life. 
One can confidently tell the world of being 'saved'. This means, we can have a personal relationship with God and live a life of contentment and peace and go to heaven when we die in this world and escape the punishment of hell.
God demonstrated an amazing example of unconditional love through the death of Jesus to redeem the world. The best news is that ANYONE can accept Jesus as their Saviour and have a personal relationship with God.

Bible Thoughts

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